Monday, February 8, 2016

How Much Do I Love Thee ... Let Me Count Thy Ways

Happy Week O' Love!!

Okay, that's not a real holiday (unless you're my husband, then yes, yes it is a real holiday) but it is the week before Valentine's Day. And in case your local box stores haven't had the red and pink heart everything up since December 26th I've decided to remind you why love, sweet love, brings us together.

Love is such a powerful word don't ya think? I love my husband, my kids, reading, writing, traveling, Disney, Starbucks iced green tea (this list isn't only for your benefit-hopefully my husband is realizing all of the things I love and catching a hint, hehehe), chocolate.

But to me love also represents what's important to you; what holds value; what takes precedence in your life. For me, my relationship with Christ will always take precedence in my life. It's not always been that way, I assure you. I can probably name a million things that have taken priority in my life over my relationship with God but I've always come back to Him. And thankfully, He's always been there, waiting.

My treasure.
I mentioned my family. Oh, my, I love my family. I will always love my husband and kids-that does NOT, however, mean I will always love what they do. Mercy, no. Again, I can give you numerous reasons (toilet seat up, empty food boxes in pantry, talking back ...) but then I'd have to be just as honest and give you as many reasons why I might not do things they love either (make them eat their vegetables, clean their rooms, do their homework-okay, I might've used the best examples of my unlovable deeds-but hey, this is my blog post!). But at the end of the day THEY will always be my priority.

And then comes the rest. Everything else is just icing on the pink Valentine's Day cupcakes with red sugar sprinkles (Mm, this is why I have to run-NOT something I love by the way). I heard it said that what's important to you can be summed up in this: Where you spend is where your heart is. That's to say, where you spend your money, your time, your energy, your effort = therein lies your priority. Your heart. Your love.

So, during this Week O' Love, I will be spending some time in God's Word, re-evaluating where I'm spending. Or another way to look at it ... where am I investing?

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." 
Matthew 6:21

I am so happy you're investing some of your time checking out my blog that I want to share the love with a fun giveaway of a few of my favorite things! (That's another thing I love- The Sound of Music!)

There's always time for tea. I'm not a coffee drinker but I do love a good cup of hot tea (or maybe two or three depending on the day I'm having).

Novel Teas
"The idea of "tea time" is a luxurious concept, but it needn't take an hour or be accompanied by a fox hunt. Treat yourself to a daily dose of antiquity with this literary set of 25 teabags. Each English Breakfast teabag is individually tagged with beloved quotes from your favorite authors. You may not have time for cucumber sandwiches, but you can certainly bring CS Lewis into the boardroom." 

Or reading room, or writing room, or whatever room you like. One winner will win a bag of Novel Teas Tea Bags.

Have you wondered what it might be like in Sherlock Holmes home at 22 Baker Street? Or what a tea party with a Mad Hatter might consist of? Well, wonder no longer.

Literary Candles
"Transport yourself to Alice in Wonderland's madcap tea party, Sherlock Holmes' study, Jane Eyre's ambrosial rose garden, or an ivy-filled escape out of Pride & Prejudice with Callie Meaney's bookish candles. Named for the locations in literary classics, these soy candles evoke the book's most memorable moments as they ignite your imagination. Custom blended fragrances let you get lost in a book by adding an irresistible new layer of intrigue."

One winner will get their choice of one scented candle to immerse themselves in all things literary.

Ooh, and what's Valentine's Day without candy?? There are just so many choices! Honestly, during edits I've been known to take out a bag or two of candy. Cinnamon flavored when I need to add some spice to my writing; chocolate when things are going in a direction I can't control (I can always count on chocolate!); or maybe something sour, in the form of a gummy kid from a patch-so I can bite off it's head when my characters begin to act out ... now you know why I chose suspense!

Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

"The Right Amount of Zip"

"A temporary item becomes a functional and contemporary art piece in this glass homage to the zippered bag. Perfect for holding just about everything - just like its disposable muse."

One winner will receive this cute candy jar to fill with whatever zip you need to keep you going. Unfortunately, candy is NOT included.

Pretty LOVE-ly prizes, right? So here's all you have to do. Enter in my Rafflecopter giveaway Here:
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  1. Ohh what a LOVEly contest you've got going here ;) I see what you did there haha!

  2. And, since I didn't follow instructions...I'm investing in something I love (writing) but learning more about it through reading books, talking with others who love to write, and going to classes/conferences about it. When you love something, you invest in it! :)

  3. Nat, did you know that my background picture is the one of us at FF in DC? We are so cute!! Have a great giveaway and a LOVELY February!

  4. Hi Robyn- I did notice that. That was such a nice brunch. Surprisingly, I didn't think I'd miss DC as much as I do. Thanks for leaving a comment and good luck!

  5. You are SO right, Emilie! Right now, I'm sitting at my computer, writing, with a iced green tea next to me. Two things I love coming together!

  6. Writing and reading is what I'm investing in right now! <3 I love both so much, and am really hoping all my efforts will pay off to being an author someday.

  7. Hi Katie! I love reading too-it even prevents me from writing sometimes (and cleaning, and cooking, and sleeping ;) ) Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck!

  8. Love this! I'm trying harder to invest in my children intentionally. :)

  9. Hi Susan! I love your answer. Investing in our children is a long term effort but the rewards are worth it. <3 Thanks for stopping by! Good luck!

  10. I love this giveaway so much. For so many reasons, it speaks right to my heart. My greatest investment is sharing God's sacrificial love and my family. I love them so!

    Shan Walker {The How to Guru}
    & a fellow GA writer!

  11. Hi Shan! So happy to meet a fellow GA writer! You speak my heart's language. God & Family-Always!! Thanks so much for stopping by and good luck!

  12. Natalie, thank you for the wonderful giveaway. My first investment is in my relationship with the Lord. Once He is in His rightful place then everything else follows. Then I invest in my family and friends.

  13. Hi Caryl! You're so right! Putting God first does make everthing else fall into place. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


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