Sunday, March 13, 2016

From the Red Planet to Small Town U.S.A.

Time for a book review ... or two!

I just finished two books that stretched from one end of the spectrum all the way to the other. I mean, seriously. One story takes place on Mars in a dystopian world where humans are classified in a rainbow of colors. The other story is a sweet romance in your town, U.S.A. where the sins of one man's past and the debilitating fears of one woman must be overcome if they hope to have a future.

My thoughts:

Red Rising by Pierce Brown  

As space exploration expands it's impossible not to believe that one day life will exist on Mars. In Red Rising-it does. And Darrow belongs to the hard-working Reds. The miners who slave away in the harshest conditions in the hopes that one day life can exist above ground.

Pierce Brown created intriguing characters that come to life in the first paragraph and it's those characters that captured my attention for the duration of this novel. I wanted had to know what happened and I wasn't disappointed.

When Darrow's wife, Eo, sacrifices her life it destroys everything Darrow lived for and when her last words reveal that not all is at it seems he finds himself caught up in a plan to take down the very class of people who stole his purpose. Darrow has been given a second chance, a new purpose, to avenge his wife and redeem his people.

The rest of the story plays like Hunger Games in space.

I'd still consider myself new to the dystopian genre but this is quickly becoming a favorite. World building is a huge responsibility for novelists venturing into this genre and when done correctly it will carry you into a new world with new cultures you hope really do exist ... at least most of it.

Pierce Brown delivers a story that will satisfy any fan of the genre. There is quite a bit of violence depicted throughout a series of battle scenes along with a few sexual innuendos and language. It's not enough that I wouldn't recommend this book to fans of YA but I'd suggest it for the more mature audience.

Her Small-Town Romance by Jill Kemerer

Love Inspired fans unite. This sweet story takes brings Bryan Sheffield and Jade Emerson together in the most uncomfortable way. Bryan's anxious to get away from his hometown of Lake Endwell, Michigan, and from the disappointment of his past. He's got his eyes set on the perfect job and the best part-it's all the way in Canada. He's got one problem. He doesn't have the job yet and needs newcomer, Jade Emerson, to help him land the job.

Jade Emerson is haunted by a past that leaves her terrified of the woods. A big problem for someone who lives in a town surrounded by trees. Her solution is to take a nature course with the handsome local, Bryan Sheffield.

I really enjoyed the fun interaction between the characters and the family dynamic of the Sheffields. When tragedy strikes the gathering of this family unit brought a lump to my throat and made me a fan of Ms. Kemerer's writing.

I recommend this book for anyone who loves a sweet romance and fine writing. It's a quick read and perfect for enjoying on your Spring Break!

So there you go! Two great books to add to your reading list and just in time for lounging by the pool or beach. The best part of these two reviews is that I found two great new authors and I look forward to many more of their stories.


  1. Red Rising looks fantastic!! Thank you for the lovely review!!

  2. My pleasure, Jill! It was interesting reading these two books sort of at the same time but I loved every second of Her Small-Town Romance! I loved the Sheffield family!


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