Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hometown Hero's Redemption by Jill Kemerer

Hometown Hero's Redemption by Jill Kemerer

When he becomes guardian to his friend's troubled ten-year-old boy, firefighter Drew Gannon knows he needs help. But before he can get former social worker Lauren Pierce to agree, he's got to prove he's changed from the sports jock who gave her a hard time back in high school. Returning home, Lauren wants no part of her old profession. She only wants to forget the unspeakable tragedy she left behind. She can't take responsibility for another child. Or a reunion with Drew—no matter how generous he's become. But a desperate boy and his handsome guardian may be more than Lauren can resist…

My Thoughts:

In the final installment of the Lake Indwell Series we meet firefighter Drew Gannon, the guardian of his best friend's son and desperate for help in securing a "normal" environment for the child whose life has been upended and the only one experienced to help is the goody-two-shoes girl from his past-Lauren Pierce.

My opinion of these short novellas often vary because for as many as I've read they too often feel fast, formulaic, and dismissible. However, author, Jill Kemerer, brings so much authenticity to her novellas that I can't help but become instantly immersed in the story world. And Hometown Hero's Redemption is no exception.

One of my favorite things about this story is the twists and setbacks Ms. Kemerer weaves throughout the plot bringing complexity to the novella you'd find in longer novels. The characters behave and react naturally, which I love because it makes them feel real. The faith element is subtle and organic as it breathes a sweet theme that resonated with me.

Hometown Hero's Redemption is the perfect summer read and might be my favorite of the series!!

***I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. You can purchase your copy of Hometown Hero's Redemption HERE.

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