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NKJV The Woman's Study Bible by Thomas Nelson

NKJV The Woman's Study Bible by Thomas Nelson

The Woman’s Study Bible poignantly reveals the Word of God to women, inviting them to receive God’s truth for balance, hope, and transformation. Special features designed to speak to a woman’s heart appear throughout the Bible text, revealing Scripture-based insights about how godly womanhood grows from a woman’s identity as a Christ-follower and a child of the Kingdom.
Now with a beautiful full-color redesign, The Woman’s Study Bible reflects the contributions of over 80 women from a wide variety of ethnic, denominational, educational, and occupational backgrounds. Since the publication of the first edition of The Woman’s Study Bible under the editorial guidance of Dorothy Kelley Patterson and Rhonda Harrington Kelley, this landmark study Bible has sold over 1.5 million copies.
Features Include:
  • Beautiful full-color design throughout
  • Detailed biographical portraits of over 100 biblical women
  • Thousands of extensive verse-by-verse study notes
  • Over 300 in-text topical articles on relevant issues
  • Insightful essays by women who are recognized experts in the fields of theology, biblical studies, archeology, and philosophy
  • Book introductions and outlines
  • Hundreds of full-color in-text maps, charts, timelines, and family trees
  • Quotes from godly women throughout history
  • Set of full-page maps of the biblical world
  • Topical index
  • Concordance

My Thoughts:

Early morning is the best time for me to grab a cup of tea and open my Bible to study the Word of God--so I was excited when Thomas Nelson offered this Bible for review. I try to read the Bible all the way through each year usually beginning in Genesis on January 1st. However, this year I started in the middle of last year and so I was able to use this Bible as I read through Matthew and Mark.

What I noticed first on this Bible is it's beauty. Three different versions are available, a hardback cover, imitation leather, and a cloth covered. All three covers have these bold, beautiful flowers on them but the imitation leather, the version I chose, has the flowers embossed on the upper half of the Bible. Who doesn't love a pretty cover?! This colorful design continues within the pages of the Bible making it bold and bright and NOT your grandma's Bible.

Next thing I noticed as I read was the use of italics throughout the text. As a reader I know that italics mean emphasis. Pay attention to this word-the author is saying. And so I did ... only, I didn't fully understand why. Going to the front of the Bible I read through the beginning and it was stated that italics represent the words originally highlighted but for the life of me I still couldn't make sense of all the italicized words and so it became distracting. I had to force myself to ignore those highlighted words rather than pause and try to find some meaning in what the passage was saying.

This leads to my next discovery. I've been using a life application study Bible for years and am used to the footnotes at the bottom of the page offering insight, references, and understanding. This Bible lacks the depth I think is necessary to qualify it as a study Bible. When I had questions about context, especially in regards to the italicized words, there was nothing in the footnotes to explain.

There are sections throughout the Bible that are highlighted offering a deeper context on specific passages (example: The Widow with Two Mites-Mark 12:41-44) dealing with Biblical characters, historical information, and life application. But some of these seem randomly inserted in areas where I can find a connection between what I just read and the notated information. That same randomness is also shared with quotes inserted throughout the passages--again with no real connection that I can see.

Overall, I really enjoyed the NKJV of the Bible and the larger font of the text made it easy for me to read (hate admitting that 😏) but I'll probably continue to use my current Bible and keep this as a reference source.

**I received this Bible from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion. You can purchase your copy of the NKJV The Woman's Study Bible HERE.

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