Thursday, June 22, 2017

Israel-God's Heart~Landscapes and Legacy of Israel

Israel-God's Heart~Landscapes and Legacy of Israel by Ron Gafni and Kathleen Barrett

A captivating pictorial of the Holy Land and a Scriptural journey through God's redemption story. 

My Thoughts:

Israel has been a place I've always wanted to visit. A bucket list kind of location that seems to draw me every time I hear people talk about Israel. The history, the culture, the landscape-all of it intrigues me. So it was obvious that I would sign up to review this book because if I can't book my ticket I can at least visit the beauty of Israel through the stunning photography of Ron Gafni.

I think the beauty of this book is that it can be enjoyed by someone who has never been to Israel almost as much as someone who has been lucky enough to touch foot in The Holy Land. My sister and her husband are two such people. As I toured the pages of this book with her next to me it was exciting to see her eyes light up in memory of the places she visited. She was able to explain some of the locations beyond the descriptions in the book and it was clear watching her that she was visiting Israel all over again with each turn of the page.

Narrator, Kathleen Barrett, provides brief descriptions of the locales but includes Scriptural references that bring deeper meaning to each picture. With her narration it's hard to miss God's love for Israel and for His people-whether Jew or Gentile. This is one of those books that I think would be awesome to have on your shelf so you could refer to it as you read through the Bible. The visualization of the Biblical landscape will give the reader a unique perspective and help bring Israel's legacy to life.

If you've always wanted to visit Israel-this book will only enchant your desire further as you take in each breathtaking view of a country rich in culture, history, and beauty. If you've been to The Holy Land-this book will delightfully refresh your memories and probably make you yearn to visit again.

***I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. You can purchase your copy of Israel-God's Heart HERE.

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