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Exploring the Blank Page Podcast

11.27.2020 | Christen Krumm and Emilie Hendryx welcome special guest, and the third member of their Mastermind group, Natalie Walters! They dive deep into what a mastermind group is, how the writing squad began, and how to make sure your own group is successful! 

StoryNerds Podcast

05.06.2020 | Hear Jess and Natalie Walters discuss romantic suspense movies such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Romancing the Stone, plus Natalie's new books!

Dottin' the i  Radio Talk Show

Join Natalie and host Ivy Donavan on this fun Radio Talk show!

*In order to find the episodes, scroll down until you see the listed dates. 

04.18.2020 | Silent Shadows

11.16.2019 | Deadly Deceit 

Write Now! Workshop Podcast

03.26.2020 | Join Natalie as she chats with Kitty Bucholtz a few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic. They talk about what’s happening in the world, how it’s affecting the lives of everyone, and how it affects the lives of writers.

11.19.2019 | Join Natalie and Kitty Bucholtz as they talk about Deadly Deceit, scary movies, where to hide the bodies, and finding story ideas in your own life. 

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About Natalie

My world revolves around GIJOE and our three adult (or almost adult) children who keep my life anything but predictable. Our boots hit the ground wherever the Army sends us but home is when we’re all together no matter the zipcode. My passion is writing stories where adventure meets love and share my belief that life rooted in purpose is a story worth telling.